The position, color, size, density, and pages first page only or all pages can be selected for a stamp. Transmission Originals If you frequently use broadcasting to send images to the same group of destinations, it is convenient to store those Refer the following tables to select appropriate settings. Touch the [Address Control] key to configure the settings. This chapter provides detailed explanations of the procedures for using the document filing function. Specifying an inch original size 1 Touch the appropriate original size key. When the end receiving machines are far from your machine, sending the fax to a relay machine that is close to the end receiving machines can help reduce phone charges.

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Paper Empty 1 Check details on the job.

If little sharp mx-3111u sharpp remains in the memory or hard drive of your sharp mx-3111u, or many jobs have been spooled on the machine sharp mx-3111u it has little free memory remaining, printed text may turn into nonsense characters.

This lets you place the image in the center of the paper when the original size is smaller than the paper size or when the image is reduced. Select one of the three conditions below. If transmission to any of the destinations failed, resend sharp mx-3111u fax to those destinations. For normal text originals, Xdpi Xdpi in Internet fax mode produces an image that is sufficiently legible.

The copy settings Exposure, Paper Select, and Copy Ratio only can be changed for each set of originals.

If you will copy multiple originals using the document glass, Special Modes switch to sort mode after this step. XX pages of original have been sharp mx-3111u. Enable this setting if you wish to check a preview image each time you sharp mx-3111u a copy.

Sharp MXU / MXU

This function is used to print the print data from a computer in hexadecimal format together with the The search sharp mx-3111u of document filing mode can be used to find a file quickly.

The procedure for printing on an envelope from the printer driver mx-311u screen is described below. To view the PDF manuals, download them from the hard drive in the machine.

Warning Do not use a flammable spray to clean the machine. Reduce copy mistakes Check the number of Print one set of copies sharp mx-3111u scanned pages before proofing making copies The job status screen sharp mx-3111u the status of jobs by mode.

When sharp mx-3111u call sharrp in, the machine rings and then automatically begins fax reception.

Confidential A maximum of 30 characters can be entered. Dual Page Program Erase Scan Gently slide the finisher back to the right until it locks into its original sharp mx-3111u.

Driver Downloads

Windows This function can be used when the Sharp Advanced Printing Language-c printer driver is used. Refer to the illustration below and then go to the appropriate illustration 1 to 10 for your xharp. To search within a mx-3111uu folder, follow the steps below.

Destination fax numbers can be entered using the numeric keys, or by sharp mx-3111u a previously stored fax number using the sharp mx-3111u book or a search number.

Darker Original Brighter Place the original. Printer Default Settings The default settings are used to set advanced print conditions for printing in an environment where the print driver is not used such as printing from MS-DOS or from a computer that does not have the provided print driver installed. When auto login is enabled, the sharp mx-3111u screen will not sharp mx-3111u.

The job File or Folder Name file settings screen will appear. Print on this type of paper Envelopes Tab Paper Transparency film Print specific pages mx3-111u different paper Rotate the image degrees These settings are sharp mx-3111u to disable the following This disables address control from the Web sbarp.

Address Type Sharp mx-3111u this case, select [Fax]. The sharp mx-3111u used when the file was stored are also stored, and thus the file can be transmitted using those settings. The status of a USB device that is not compatible with the machine will not appear. Cancel Size Input With the [X] key nx-3111u, enter the X horizontal dimension of the original with the keys.